Experiential Learning


NW Stories is an experimental video documentary series about intriguing people who share a connection to this region, produced in partnership between students at the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon and Oregon Public Broadcasting. The project was funded by the SOJC’s Agora Journalism Center.


Professor Tom Wheeler and I engage 18 undergraduates in an immersive arts journalism experience twice each year.  Student teams travel to Portland to produce artist profiles. 

NW Stories

PDX Arts Journalism Weekends

Cuba - Arts Journalism Experience

We took 21 students to Cuba in March 2015, just as our two countries were renewing relations. Our intent was to tell the stories of six artists who exemplify the country’s rich culture. Visit: CubaCreatives.com

Eugene Summer Recreation - 2015

Sixty-two SOJC students teamed with City of Eugene Recreation and Cultural services to document stories about some of the people served.

Steeped in Sri Lanka

We took 21 students to Sri Lanka in December 2016 to report on resilience and recovery following the country’s civil war and tsunami. Visit: SteepedSriLanka.com

Media and Social Change

Media and Social Change is a rigorous smartphone video course that challenges students to capture stories about the human condition and social justice. 


On April 25th, 2015, over 400 people were killed in the Basantapur neighborhood of Kathmandu, Nepal. Amit and Anup led their community in providing food for those who lost their homes after the quake. Two of our students captured their story.